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Snake Eyes, Ground, Fall, Pine Needles, Snake, Woods, Garden Snake

Something a bit different from all the Autumn photos today.  I saw this large Garden Snake slithering through the pine needles on the side of a trail while hiking a few weeks back.  He was actually pretty large which you cant really tell from this photo.  He let me get real close so I was able to get this photo.

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Snake Eyes

Ocean, Pipes, Construction, Bulldozer, Smoke Break

Thought this was pretty cool and makes for a good silly Tuesday photo! Over the weekend this bulldozer type machine was picking up the pipes used on the beach for dredging. With the sand pouring out looking like smoke and ashes and the angle the pipe was being lifted it looked to me  like this bulldozer was smoking a cigarette.

Fall Meadow, Autumn, Fence, Tree, leaves

I took this photograph  in late September on Plum Island in Newburyport, MA.  Already the Fall colors were starting to appear!

Autumn Berries, Fall, Berry, Blue, Red, Fall, Leaves

Straw Man, Autumn Harvest, Pumpkins, Hay, Farm, Fall
This is a great use for the autumn harvest if you ask me! This giant straw man made of hay bales and pumpkins was at a local farm by the side of the road. A great way to attract customers!

Straw Man

Mother Barred Owl, Claw, High Five!, Tree

Another shot of the Owl Family! Here is a photo of the mother Barred Owl! She is either giving me a High Five or showing off her razor like claws to warn me not to get to close to her babies! :)

As always click the image to make it bigger.

High Five!

Baby Barred Owl in Hole, Tree, Owl

Lots of exciting developments in the owl family! First of all the first baby owl has left its hole and is now in another tree! The parents still seem to take care of it and it cant really fly yet.  I will post a photo of him later in the week. This is the second owl baby. I took this photo yesterday afternoon with my Tamron 70-300 lens combined with my Tamron 1.4x TC.  As you can see he is getting big!  Soon after this photo he left the hole as well and is now high up in this tree on the branches! He often stretches and flaps his wings to practice flying. And I thought that was all of them but nope soon I saw a third baby owl head in the hole! So there is still another baby owl in there.  I also got some great shots of the mother owl.  I will post one of her this week too! So this is Owl week on Fotoblography.com!

Dandelions, Feather Bed

Barred Owl, Papa Owl, Owl, Tree

As I said in my last post I had a few cool bird photos for this week. Well this one is a first for me! It is a photo of an owl I took a couple of weeks ago.  Be sure to click on the photo to make it larger so its easier to see the owl. Believe it or not there is a tree near where I live that has an owl family in it! This male owl watches over the tree where his mate is and gets food for the female owl who is I assume sitting on her eggs in the hole. If any birds or animals get close to the hole he chases after them to protect his family. They are a noisy bunch always hooting back and forth. After researching online I found out it is a Barred Owl and has a really unique hoot that they describe on that site I linked to as sounding  like: “Who, cooks, for-you? Who, cooks, for-you, all?” There is alot more great information about Barred Owls  at that link.

What is really cool about this  is the tree the mother owl is in is the same one that the Raccoon family lived in a couple of years ago! I am hoping to get more photos of the male owl and maybe the mother owl someday too if she ever comes out of the hole! And who knows maybe I will get some of the baby owls too!

Papa Owl

Proud Hawk, Tree, Branch

I have a couple of cool bird photos to share over the next few days. First this Hawk photo that I took on Friday. He let me get really close to him and was not afraid of me at all. He was sitting above a bird feeder so I think he was on the hunt for dinner. I am not sure what kind of hawk it is does anyone know?

Proud Hawk

Spring Daffodils,rock,spring,flowers

I figured I better start taking some Spring flower shots  before Spring is over!

Sparkling Trumpets, Foxglove flower, Cone flower, wet, rain

I think this is called a Foxglove flower. I took this photo right after a rainstorm and the sparkling water on the flowers were like diamonds.

Lady Slipper, Flower

A pink wild Lady Slipper flower that just recently bloomed in the woods near my house.

Nature's Bells, Flowers, Lilies of the Valley

These Lilies of the Valley flowers look just like little bells to me.

Sorry I have not been posting the last few days I was away for the weekend. But I am back now.

Balding, Dandelion

From the looks of its family tree this Dandelion better not get to used to its full head of hair! :D

Gears, b&w, Rust

Wind Chimes, Amazing Grace, Macro

This wind chime is supposed to play the first 5 notes of the hymn  “Amazing Grace” as it blows in the breeze. I honestly don’t think I have ever really heard it play the notes in the correct order but still it sounds great anyways!

Spring Cleaning, Tree, Bird, Wings, Cleaning, black capped chickadee

I caught this Black Capped Chickadee making himself look nice for the other Chickadees!

Cherry Blossom, Weeping Cherry Tree, Spring, Macro

Here is a shot of  some buds and blossoms from our Weeping Cherry Tree.

Rock Garden, Rock, Spring, Macro, Flowers, Phlox

Tulip Bud, macro, tulip, Pentax K10d

Another Springtime flower shot today. Here is a tulip bud that is soon to blossom. In fact it did blossom the day after I took this photo!

Tulip Bud

Rotadendrum Buds, Pink, Spring

Pineapple, Persian Cat, Stare Off

My Persian cat was infatuated with this pineapple and kept rubbing up against it and smelling it. Here he is challenging it to a staring contest :)

I have been a bit under the weather the past few days that is why I have not been posting. Hopefully I will be back to 100% soon and will be able to post more often!

Pink Flowers, Fall, Lipstick

This is a photo I took a few months ago in the Fall of some beatiful dying flowers. The splotchy pink spots looked a bit like lipstick on a white shirt hence the title.

Lipstick Stains

Star Light Star Bright, Moon, Star

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

-old nursery rhyme

Pineapple, Apple, Orange, Fruit Bowl, Still Life

String Reindeer, Macro, Pentax K10d, Tamron 70-300

Well I can pretty much guarantee this will be one of the strangest photoblog posts you will see today! As I was sitting at my desk I saw this string hanging from the window shade and it just kept looking like a reindeer jumping to me. I don’t know if I am suffering from cabin fever or what but I just had to take the photo and see if others thought so too! Hopefully I am not going crazy :)

Sorry there has not been as many posts by me lately with all this winter weather and cold its harder to get out and take good photos. Hopefully I will start taking more photos soon.

Woody Woodpecker, Snow, Woodpecker,Winter,Tree

I took this photo of a woodpecker yesterday afternoon during a snowstorm.



This is an old boat that is in our yard. I don’t think its been used in of least a decade!

Sunny Snowstorm,snow,sun,winter

The Sun was shining bright yet there was a snowstorm happening at the same time. If it had been rain instead of snow I bet there would have been a rainbow!

Candy Canes,teapot


I took this shot over the weekend. I liked the way the shadows looked on the snow.

Winter Moon

I took this shot yesterday afternoon of the moon through the trees.  I did some processing and this was the end result.


These solitary footprints belong to some animal that visited my yard last night. Not sure what animal they belong to but they lead into the cold dark woods.

Fall, Autumn, Leaves, Colors, Petals

I got the inspiration to take this photo after I saw some flower petals on the ground near my back porch that had fallen off these clematis flowers because of the colder Fall weather. So I decided to create a sort of still life of fallen leaves and flower petals. I went around the yard and found as many different colored leaves as I could and then placed them in a pile with the fallen petals. This is the result.

Ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Wreath

Here is a photo of an old Christmas Wreath that I found in the woods last week.

Wild Berries,pokeberries,pokeberry,pink stem,inkberries

I have no idea what kind of berries these are but they are in my backyard and I love the brilliant pink color that the plant they are on has. I have seen birds land on this bush and eat the berries so they must be edible of least for birds. Anyone know what they are?

UPDATE (10-10-08): I just want to post a quick update. Thanks to a reply below I have found out what these berries are called. They are called Pokeberries also known as Inkberries. They are indeed toxic to humans but birds are immune to the effect (that would explain why I have seen many birds eating them.) According to Wikipedia a cool fact about these berries is that the United States Declaration of Independence was written using Pokeberry juice (hence the name Inkberry)! Thanks to Jeannie for the information!

Wild Berries

Summer\'s End, Wilted Flowers, Falling Pedals

You know Summer is over and Fall is here when you see the once healthy looking flowers succumbing to the cold Fall nights. I took this flower shot yesterday and I had really never shot any photos of “ugly” dying flowers before so this was new for me. I want to mention that I got the inspiration to take this shot from several very cool photos on Marcie’s “Daily Practice” photoblog that she had posted over the last week or two of dying flowers so be sure to check her amazing photoblog out!

Pillar, Ocean, Nails, Tough

I wouldn’t mess with this pillar it looks like it can take a punch…or a nail. :)

One Tough Pillar

Stained Glass, Pentax K10d, Church, Tamron 70-300

Sailboat,Mast,Pentax K10d, Lines, Tamron 70-300

Flowers, Star Burst, Pentax K10d

Star Burst

raccoon, tongue, tree, pentax, tamron 70-300

Well the raccoon family I posted some pictures of a couple of weeks ago has left their tree house for another year. The baby’s where getting to big to all fit so I guess the mother found them another home as they are no longer in the tree. But momma raccoon left me with this parting shot just a few days before they left.

flowers,Pansies,Pentax K10d

Here are some pansies we have hanging from our back porch. The flowers are so colorful I could not resist taking a photo of them.


Dandelions, Macro

Raccon Baby and Mother, tree

Here are a few shots I took today of a Raccoon Family that lives in an old dead tree in my back yard. It is fun to look at them from my back porch with binoculars (who needs the National Geographic Channel!). Sometimes the mother even sits on the branch outside the hole when it gets to hot or she needs a break from the youngsters. So far I have seen three babies that occasionally pop their heads up in the hole. Here are a few of the better ones that I took today. Its pretty hard to get good ones because the leaves constantly blow around and make it hard to focus on the Raccoons. » Continue Reading…

Leaf, Budding, Bud

I was shooting photos around the house the other day and was zoomed way in on this flower with my new Tamron 70-300 lens when I saw a bee starting to buzz around it. I quickly aimed the camera to the flower he was flying towards and ended up getting this shot. It is the first time I have taken a picture of a bee in flight this close before and I like how you can even see the bee’s antennas and wings.

Weeping Cherry Tree Blossom, macro

It was a nice day after work today so I decided to take a few photos around the yard. Its finally starting to feel more like spring here in Massachusetts with the flowers blooming so I thought I would post this photo of a newly blossoming weeping cherry tree.