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Buttercup, horses, field, fence, horse, flowers, farm

Took this photo last week at a farm near where i live. If this was my horse i would name it buttercup!

Purple Light, flowers, spring, macro

Loved the light on this beautiful spring day making these flowers almost translucent!

Flower Wall, Brick Wall, Brick, Wall, Flowers, Pink, Purple, Bush, Spring

Yellow, Forsythia, Flowers, Spring, Wood, Log, Stump, Pine Needles

Beeline, Bumblebee, bee, Flowers, Spring Flowers, Stone Wall, Brick Wall, Concrete, Branch, Buds

I really loved all the different textures and colors behind this spring branch budding with new life so I of course took a photograph of it.  Was lucky to have that Bee show up too!

Spring Field, Farm, Barn, Stone Wall, Grass, Trees, Field

Spring Daffodil, Macro, Flower, Spring, Grass


On Thin Ice, Pond, Lake, Trees, Spring, Ice, Melt Sign, Thin Ice Sign

So disappointing. I had my ice skates with me and everything.


Boston Common, Boston, Mine, World War 1, City, Park

Spring Daffodils,rock,spring,flowers

I figured I better start taking some Spring flower shots  before Spring is over!

Spring Cleaning, Tree, Bird, Wings, Cleaning, black capped chickadee

I caught this Black Capped Chickadee making himself look nice for the other Chickadees!

Cherry Blossom, Weeping Cherry Tree, Spring, Macro

Here is a shot of  some buds and blossoms from our Weeping Cherry Tree.

Rock Garden, Rock, Spring, Macro, Flowers, Phlox

Spring Forsythia, Yellow Flowers, Pentax K10d

Finally a Springtime photo from me! This is a branch from a Forsythia bush in my yard. Behind it is a large rock if you are wondering what that is.