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Snow Bird,Bird,Feathers,Winter

I took this photo just as this cold bird was shaking the snow off of his feathers. I wouldnt want to be him on a snowy day like today! Also I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Snow Bird

Poinsettia,Pentax DA 50-200,Pentax K10d,Christmas


This is a nativity set that my mother put together and painted etc. around 30 years ago or so. Every Christmas forever now we have enjoyed setting it up. I just want to take this opportunity to again wish everyone a very merry Christmas and want to thank you all for your continued visits and comments on my blog as its very appreciated! Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Town,2008,Christmas,Decorations

Here is a close up shot of one of our Christmas decorations.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas ornament,memory

Ice Church,Christmas,Glow

During the Ice Storm I was able to take this photo of a church covered with ice. There was so much ice it almost looked like a Christmas decoration! The ice even gave off a strange blueish glow as if a light was on inside the church.

Ok ok it is a Christmas decoration but I thought it would be a funny transition from the ice storm photos :)

Winter,Ice Storm 2008,MA,Ice Leaves,Fall

Today is December 21st the official start of Winter. It is very appropriate as outside right now here in Massachusetts is yet another big snowstorm. Winter has been really hitting us fast and hard already here as we have had a huge ice storm and two very big snowstorms all within a weeks time! This is another photo I took last week during the ice storm. I liked the contrast of the leaves with the ice on the trees in the background.

Ice Storm 2008, MA, Ice

Icy Tears,Icicle,Ice Storm,2008,MA

Here is a macro view of the Ice Storm.

Ice Storm,MA,Trees,Ice,2008

Here is another photo from the ice storm that we had last week.

Ice Storm,MA, Dec 2008,Trees

At long last I am back! Here in northern MA we had a huge ice storm Thursday night that knocked out power in my town from Thursday night all the way until Sunday Night so that is why I have not been posting new photos! The bad news was we had no power for all that time so had to stay warm via a wood stove in very cold conditions (it was 15°F on Saturday night) but the good news is my camera’s batteries where all charged up already! I ended up taking hundreds of photos of all the ice on the trees and everywhere. Over the next few days I will post some of my favorites. While it was fun taking the photos I am very glad to have power again!

Ice Storm


Here is another photo I shot this past weekend after the very small first snow storm of the year. As you can see we did not get much snow at all but I liked the way the melting snow on these leaves looked.

First Snow,Snow,Grass,Rocks

We got our first snow of the season yesterday and I was able to capture a few shots. It was really only a dusting of snow but it is a reminder that Winter is quickly approaching.

Fall Flowers Vine Autumn Fall

Try saying that 5 times fast :) I took this photo yesterday because I thought these decaying flowers looked really cool. The petals seem to be turning into an almost fur like substance! Here is a photo of these same flowers I posted awhile back before they started dying to compare them!

Pine Cone,Pine Needles,Fall,Autumn

Castle, Wall,Fall, Autumn, Leaves

The Wall

Pimpily Pumpkins, Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Pimpily Pumpkins

In the Gutter, Leaves, Fall, Autumn

In the Gutter

Fall, Autumn, Leaves, Colors, Petals

I got the inspiration to take this photo after I saw some flower petals on the ground near my back porch that had fallen off these clematis flowers because of the colder Fall weather. So I decided to create a sort of still life of fallen leaves and flower petals. I went around the yard and found as many different colored leaves as I could and then placed them in a pile with the fallen petals. This is the result.

Golden Leaves, yellow leaves, Fall, Tree, Autumn

Here is another photo I took yesterday at Borderland State Park looking straight up a tree.

Golden Canopy

Fall, Leaf, Autumn, Colors, TZ5

Before the Fall