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Buttercup, horses, field, fence, horse, flowers, farm

Took this photo last week at a farm near where i live. If this was my horse i would name it buttercup!

Purple Light, flowers, spring, macro

Loved the light on this beautiful spring day making these flowers almost translucent!

Black and Blue, Tree, Winter, Clouds, Sky, Silhouette

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Stone Wall, Wall, Winter, Bare, Trees, Blue, Sky, Clouds, Leaves, Fall, Rocks

Another photo I took last week. Still looking like Fall! Hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve and a Happy 2012!!

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Bare, Tree, Leaves, Fall, Winter, Trail

Took this photo last week. Still no snow to speak of. Looks more like Fall than Winter!

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On the Other Side, Grass is always greener, Grass, Reeds, Hay, Green, Gold, Summer

The grass is always greener…

Flower Wall, Brick Wall, Brick, Wall, Flowers, Pink, Purple, Bush, Spring

Yellow, Forsythia, Flowers, Spring, Wood, Log, Stump, Pine Needles

Beeline, Bumblebee, bee, Flowers, Spring Flowers, Stone Wall, Brick Wall, Concrete, Branch, Buds

I really loved all the different textures and colors behind this spring branch budding with new life so I of course took a photograph of it.  Was lucky to have that Bee show up too!

Spring Field, Farm, Barn, Stone Wall, Grass, Trees, Field

Spring Daffodil, Macro, Flower, Spring, Grass


On Thin Ice, Pond, Lake, Trees, Spring, Ice, Melt Sign, Thin Ice Sign

So disappointing. I had my ice skates with me and everything.


Boston Common, Boston, Mine, World War 1, City, Park

Winter Blues, Blue Jay, Bird, Bush, Winter, Snow, Storm

Was great seeing a little bit of color that this Blue Jay provided during a snow storm a few weeks ago. He really stood out in a sea of dull brown and white that the winter brings!

Spider Tree, Tree, Vine, Brick, Wall, Stone,

I thought this bare tree/vine with the twisting limbs reaching out in every direction looked sort of like a giant spider hanging on this brick wall!

Also as this is my first post of 2011 I want to wish you all a great New Year!!

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Spider Tree

Winter Berries, Berry, Berries, Brick Wall, Wall, Winter,

These colorful wrinkly berries really stood out against this old stone wall.

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Winter Berries

Fountain, Statue, Brick Wall, Leaves, Autumn, Fall, Decay, Fairy Tale

Thought this fountain filled with Autumn leaves was very interesting so I had to take a bunch of photos of it. Reminded me of something out of a fairy tale.

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Bare Reflections, Autumn, Fall, Bare Tree, Puddle, Leaves, Reflection Clouds sky

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Golden Leaf Ornament Fall Autumn, Leaf Tree Christmas Tree Pine Tree Evergreen Winter

It looked to me like this golden fall leaf laying on an evergreen tree branch was almost a natural Christmas tree ornament!  I want to wish everyone from the US  a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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Fall Stump, Autumn, leaves, pond, gold, red, yellow

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Orange Canopy, Fall, Autumn, Leaves, Trees, Sky, Orange, Yellow

Another Autumn photograph. I took so many of them this year it seems like!

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Fall, Autumn, Trees, Orange, Light at the End of the Tunnel, Evergreen

Really loved the sort of tunnel effect these two evergreen trees created and the light at the end bouncing off the golden autumn trees!

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Fall Meadow, Autumn, Fence, Tree, leaves

I took this photograph  in late September on Plum Island in Newburyport, MA.  Already the Fall colors were starting to appear!

Autumn Berries, Fall, Berry, Blue, Red, Fall, Leaves

Straw Man, Autumn Harvest, Pumpkins, Hay, Farm, Fall
This is a great use for the autumn harvest if you ask me! This giant straw man made of hay bales and pumpkins was at a local farm by the side of the road. A great way to attract customers!

Straw Man

Spring Daffodils,rock,spring,flowers

I figured I better start taking some Spring flower shots  before Spring is over!

Oldies Marketplace, Newburyport, Antiques

This cool store sells all sorts of interesting odds and ends. It is located in Newburyport, MA right next to this walkway photo that I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Newburyport Winter, Ocean, Walk, Snow, Clouds, Trees, Bench

Winter Beach, Reeds, Snow, Ice, Ocean, Waves, Shore, Crash

Since this is my first post of 2010 I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!  Hope its a great year for us all!

Snow Mower, Lawn Mower, Rust, Snow, Winter

Click to View Larger

Since this will probably be my last post before Christmas I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And I also want to thank you all for your continued visits and comments as they are greatly appreciated!

Hope you have a great Christmas everyone!


Snow and Sun, Ice, Trees, Snow

We had our first two snow storms of the year in the past week. Here is a photo I took of the fresh snow on some trees the morning after the first storm.

Fall Pond, Trees, Autumn, Fall, Colors

Fall Pond

Golden Ferns, Fall, Autumn, Leaves, Fern

Golden Ferns

Sparklers, Fireworks, Beach

Some kids playing with Sparklers at the beach while waiting for the July 4th Fireworks to start.

Spring Cleaning, Tree, Bird, Wings, Cleaning, black capped chickadee

I caught this Black Capped Chickadee making himself look nice for the other Chickadees!

Cherry Blossom, Weeping Cherry Tree, Spring, Macro

Here is a shot of  some buds and blossoms from our Weeping Cherry Tree.

Rock Garden, Rock, Spring, Macro, Flowers, Phlox

Spring Forsythia, Yellow Flowers, Pentax K10d

Finally a Springtime photo from me! This is a branch from a Forsythia bush in my yard. Behind it is a large rock if you are wondering what that is.

Winter Storage, Marina, Oceanm Water, Bench.

Hull, Boat, Sailboat, Lensbaby

Here is a shot I took at a Marina this past weekend of the undersides of a bunch of boats being stored over the winter there.



To me the silhouettes of this plant with its blade like leaves looked sort of like Helicopters.

Also I want to thank Toni from the “Daily Vignette” photo blog for giving me the “Kreativ Blogger” award!

A Spoonful Of Sugar, Winter, Snow, Leaves

In ev’ry job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job’s a game

And ev’ry task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree! It’s very clear to see that

A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down-wown
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way

-Mary Poppins

Pine Tree, Weight of the World, Ice Storm, Winter

Here is another photo from the Ice Storm we had a month or so ago that I posted a bunch of pictures of already.


This is an old boat that is in our yard. I don’t think its been used in of least a decade!

Sunny Snowstorm,snow,sun,winter

The Sun was shining bright yet there was a snowstorm happening at the same time. If it had been rain instead of snow I bet there would have been a rainbow!


I took this shot over the weekend. I liked the way the shadows looked on the snow.

Winter Moon

I took this shot yesterday afternoon of the moon through the trees.  I did some processing and this was the end result.


These solitary footprints belong to some animal that visited my yard last night. Not sure what animal they belong to but they lead into the cold dark woods.