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Purple Light, flowers, spring, macro

Loved the light on this beautiful spring day making these flowers almost translucent!

Yellow, Forsythia, Flowers, Spring, Wood, Log, Stump, Pine Needles

Beeline, Bumblebee, bee, Flowers, Spring Flowers, Stone Wall, Brick Wall, Concrete, Branch, Buds

I really loved all the different textures and colors behind this spring branch budding with new life so I of course took a photograph of it.  Was lucky to have that Bee show up too!

Spring Daffodil, Macro, Flower, Spring, Grass


Dandelions, Feather Bed

Flower with a View, Rockport, MA, Harbor, Boats, Ocean

Took this shot last summer overlooking Rockport Harbor in Rockport, MA.

Spring Daffodils,rock,spring,flowers

I figured I better start taking some Spring flower shots  before Spring is over!

Happy Valentines Day, Roses, Flowers, Lensbaby

Cotton Candy Flower, Macro, Pink Flower

I’m pretty sure that is the scientific name for these flowers. :)

Cotton Candy Flower

Wood and Flower, Cone Flower

The Spider and the Fly, Pink Flower, Spider, Fly, Macro

Sparkling Trumpets, Foxglove flower, Cone flower, wet, rain

I think this is called a Foxglove flower. I took this photo right after a rainstorm and the sparkling water on the flowers were like diamonds.

Buttercups, flowers

Lady Slipper, Flower

A pink wild Lady Slipper flower that just recently bloomed in the woods near my house.

Nature's Bells, Flowers, Lilies of the Valley

These Lilies of the Valley flowers look just like little bells to me.

Sorry I have not been posting the last few days I was away for the weekend. But I am back now.

Balding, Dandelion

From the looks of its family tree this Dandelion better not get to used to its full head of hair! :D

Busy as a Bee, Bumblee Bee, Flowers, Macro, Rotadendrum

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope all the mother’s out there had a great Mother’s Day yesterday!

Cherry Blossom, Weeping Cherry Tree, Spring, Macro

Here is a shot of  some buds and blossoms from our Weeping Cherry Tree.

Rock Garden, Rock, Spring, Macro, Flowers, Phlox

Tulip Bud, macro, tulip, Pentax K10d

Another Springtime flower shot today. Here is a tulip bud that is soon to blossom. In fact it did blossom the day after I took this photo!

Tulip Bud

Rotadendrum Buds, Pink, Spring

Spring Forsythia, Yellow Flowers, Pentax K10d

Finally a Springtime photo from me! This is a branch from a Forsythia bush in my yard. Behind it is a large rock if you are wondering what that is.

Pink Flowers, Fall, Lipstick

This is a photo I took a few months ago in the Fall of some beatiful dying flowers. The splotchy pink spots looked a bit like lipstick on a white shirt hence the title.

Lipstick Stains

Fall Flowers Vine Autumn Fall

Try saying that 5 times fast :) I took this photo yesterday because I thought these decaying flowers looked really cool. The petals seem to be turning into an almost fur like substance! Here is a photo of these same flowers I posted awhile back before they started dying to compare them!

Purple Fall Flowers, Autumn

Fall, Autumn, Leaves, Colors, Petals

I got the inspiration to take this photo after I saw some flower petals on the ground near my back porch that had fallen off these clematis flowers because of the colder Fall weather. So I decided to create a sort of still life of fallen leaves and flower petals. I went around the yard and found as many different colored leaves as I could and then placed them in a pile with the fallen petals. This is the result.

Pink Rose Bloom, TZ5, Rose

Here is another photo from over the weekend this time of a pink rose.

Fall Rose Bloom

Salem Harbor, MA, Macro, Flower

Here is a photo I took of Salem Harbor a couple of days ago.

Salem Harbor

Summer\'s End, Wilted Flowers, Falling Pedals

You know Summer is over and Fall is here when you see the once healthy looking flowers succumbing to the cold Fall nights. I took this flower shot yesterday and I had really never shot any photos of “ugly” dying flowers before so this was new for me. I want to mention that I got the inspiration to take this shot from several very cool photos on Marcie’s “Daily Practice” photoblog that she had posted over the last week or two of dying flowers so be sure to check her amazing photoblog out!

Garden, Flowers

Here is a shot I took a couple of months ago of a flower garden that was in downtown Wolfeboro, NH.

Clematis Blossoms

You may remember that back in July (see post) I was lamenting that a rabbit had eaten the Clematis flowers in our yard. Well I am happy to report that they just recently bloomed again and in fact this is the most flowers I have ever seen on the plant! So maybe having rabbits eat the early blooms is the key :)

I just took this photo about a half hour ago while playing with my new compact camera. I had been looking for a smaller compact camera to use as my “take everywhere” camera so that on the occasions when it is inconvenient to lug my DSLR and lenses with me I can still take a camera with me in case I want to take any photos. Anyways the camera I settled on was the Panasonic TZ5 mainly because it has a huge range for such a small camera (28mm-280mm) and also because it has a great video mode that can even record videos in true HD! I got it in the mail today and so far I am liking it alot. I may write a review for it here after I have had some time to play with it more.

Clematis Blossoms

B&W Flower

I tried this picture in color first but after converting it to b&w I decided it looked alot better this way. The white hanging flowers stand out better in the b&w version then they did on the color one against the green leaves.

Bee Heaven, Cone Flower, Bumblee Bee

If I were a bee these flowers would look pretty yummy to me! I did no processing at all on this shot this is right from the camera and to my photoblog.

Bee Heaven

Purple Flowers, Lake, Mountains, Lake, Lake Winnisquam

These purple flowers have a great front row view of Lake Winnisquam where they can enjoy the action on the lake like the Jet Ski in the background.

frog, Flower, leaves, frog prince

I almost missed this little frog that was relaxing on the top of these colorful leaves. In fact the first shot of this plant that I took did not include the frog because I did not see him right away.

Dragonfly, Flower, Macro, Purple

I saw this dragonfly flying around these flowers and I was hoping he would land so I could get a clear photo of him. I was lucky that he did land and here is the photo I was able to capture.

Purple Flowers, Macro, Pentax K10d

Sunflowers, Macro, Sunflower


Purple Flower, Macro

Here is a macro shot of a purple flower (sorry I dont know the name of it) I took last weekend using my brothers Pentax K100d. I was very happy with the results.

I wanted to let everyone know, if you have not noticed already, that starting today my posts will have larger images so they are easier to see! Also I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed but if you click on the images in my blog posts it makes them larger right on the same page with no new window. Just figured I would let people know because I don’t do a very good job advertising that feature.

Purple Flower

Wild Flowers, Pinwheels, Pentax K10d


Clematis Flower, Pentac K10d, Macro

Here is a Clematis that was in my backyard last summer. I wanted to take a picture of it this summer instead of posting one from last summer but a rabbit unfortunately ate the leaves on the plant and its not in very good shape so I don’t think it will be blooming this year. But of least I can share last years photo of it!

Flowers, Star Burst, Pentax K10d

Star Burst

Wild Flowers, Macro

White Flower Petal, Sony h1

These flowers were on a largish bush. Not sure what kind of flowers they are but they looked almost fake they where so perfectly shaped and delicate looking.

White Flower Petals

flowers,Pansies,Pentax K10d

Here are some pansies we have hanging from our back porch. The flowers are so colorful I could not resist taking a photo of them.


Dandelions, Macro

Cotton, Macro, Plant

I am not sure exactly what kind of plant this is but I thought the soft fluffy white stuff at the top looked a bit like cotton candy. Anyone know what kind of plant this is?

Cotton Candy

I was shooting photos around the house the other day and was zoomed way in on this flower with my new Tamron 70-300 lens when I saw a bee starting to buzz around it. I quickly aimed the camera to the flower he was flying towards and ended up getting this shot. It is the first time I have taken a picture of a bee in flight this close before and I like how you can even see the bee’s antennas and wings.

Weeping Cherry Tree Blossom, macro

It was a nice day after work today so I decided to take a few photos around the yard. Its finally starting to feel more like spring here in Massachusetts with the flowers blooming so I thought I would post this photo of a newly blossoming weeping cherry tree.

Tiger Lilly, Flower, Macro

A rainstorm had just ended when I took this photo of a Tiger Lilly. I had taken a few earlier before the rain but none came out as good.  What they say is true raindrops really do enhance flower photos.