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Black and Blue, Tree, Winter, Clouds, Sky, Silhouette

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Stone Wall, Wall, Winter, Bare, Trees, Blue, Sky, Clouds, Leaves, Fall, Rocks

Another photo I took last week. Still looking like Fall! Hope everyone has a safe New Years Eve and a Happy 2012!!

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Bare, Tree, Leaves, Fall, Winter, Trail

Took this photo last week. Still no snow to speak of. Looks more like Fall than Winter!

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Mountain Pasture, Field, Fence, Trees, Rock Wall, Stone Wall, Stones, Grass, Mountains

Treebeard, Tree, Face, O, Fall, Autumn, Leaves, Red, Orange

“One felt as if there was an enormous well behind them, filled up with ages of memory and long, slow, steady thinking; but their surface was sparkling with the present: like sun shimmering on the outer leaves of a vast tree, or on the ripples of a very deep lake. I don’t know but it felt as if something that grew in the ground — asleep, you might say, or just feeling itself as something between root-tip and leaf-tip, between deep earth and sky had suddenly waked up, and was considering you with the same slow care that it had given to its own inside affairs for endless years.”
—The Two Towers by JRR Tolkien

Spider Tree, Tree, Vine, Brick, Wall, Stone,

I thought this bare tree/vine with the twisting limbs reaching out in every direction looked sort of like a giant spider hanging on this brick wall!

Also as this is my first post of 2011 I want to wish you all a great New Year!!

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Spider Tree

Naked, Tree, Fall, Autumn, Clouds, Sepia, Leaves

I tried several processing ideas but finally I decided I liked this sepia toned processing the best. I think the aged looked works for this. Maybe I will post the color version later to compare it to this one.

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New England Scenic Calendar 2011

Bare Reflections, Autumn, Fall, Bare Tree, Puddle, Leaves, Reflection Clouds sky

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Golden Leaf Ornament Fall Autumn, Leaf Tree Christmas Tree Pine Tree Evergreen Winter

It looked to me like this golden fall leaf laying on an evergreen tree branch was almost a natural Christmas tree ornament!  I want to wish everyone from the US  a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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Yellow Brick Road, Autumn, ,Leaves, Fall, Gold, Yellow

The trees are starting to get bare now! Makes for a colorful road of least! :)

Fall, Autumn, Trees, Orange, Light at the End of the Tunnel, Evergreen

Really loved the sort of tunnel effect these two evergreen trees created and the light at the end bouncing off the golden autumn trees!

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Ok thats all for now thanks for the continued visits and comments everyone I appreciate it!

Fall, Pointing to Fall, Autumn, Trees, Field, Leaves, Branch, Red, Orange, Green

Took this Autumn foliage photo a few days ago at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA. It was a beautiful Fall day and the Fall colors are getting closer to peak!!

Fall Meadow, Autumn, Fence, Tree, leaves

I took this photograph  in late September on Plum Island in Newburyport, MA.  Already the Fall colors were starting to appear!

Snow and Sun, Ice, Trees, Snow

We had our first two snow storms of the year in the past week. Here is a photo I took of the fresh snow on some trees the morning after the first storm.

Alex and Susan wood carving, engrave, Bridge, Fall, Autumn, River

I wonder if they are still together?

The Bike Rider, Fall, Autumn, Bike, Bicycle

Autumn Dreams, Fall, Autumn, Trees

I could not decide if I went to far or not with the softening of this image.  Eventually I decided I preferred the softened version as it has a dreamlike  feeling to it that draws me in.  I have included the normal version below that I almost posted instead. Which version do you prefer? Click on the thumbnail below of the unsoftened version to make it bigger.

autumn-dreams-normal, Fall, Autumn, Trees

Autumn, Leaves, Fall, Landscape, Train Tracks, Trees, Bridge

The sky was a little blown out in this shot I took, but the scene was so beautiful I had to post this photo anyways!

Fall Pond, Trees, Autumn, Fall, Colors

Fall Pond

hazy reflection, trees, fog, ocean

This past Saturday I went up to Maine. It ended up being a foggy day which sometimes puts a damper on taking photos. I personally like the atmosphere that fog creates though so I took advantage of the day. So I will be starting a series with some photos from this foggy day starting today.

Salem Willows, Salem MA, Pentax K10d, Lensbaby

The entrance to Salem Willows park. Looks kind of scary after the processing and with the Lensbaby effect! I can assure you in person its not!

Woody Woodpecker, Snow, Woodpecker,Winter,Tree

I took this photo of a woodpecker yesterday afternoon during a snowstorm.

Pine Tree, Weight of the World, Ice Storm, Winter

Here is another photo from the Ice Storm we had a month or so ago that I posted a bunch of pictures of already.

Sunny Snowstorm,snow,sun,winter

The Sun was shining bright yet there was a snowstorm happening at the same time. If it had been rain instead of snow I bet there would have been a rainbow!

Winter Moon

I took this shot yesterday afternoon of the moon through the trees.  I did some processing and this was the end result.

Winter,Ice Storm 2008,MA,Ice Leaves,Fall

Today is December 21st the official start of Winter. It is very appropriate as outside right now here in Massachusetts is yet another big snowstorm. Winter has been really hitting us fast and hard already here as we have had a huge ice storm and two very big snowstorms all within a weeks time! This is another photo I took last week during the ice storm. I liked the contrast of the leaves with the ice on the trees in the background.

Ice Storm 2008, MA, Ice

Ice Storm,MA,Trees,Ice,2008

Here is another photo from the ice storm that we had last week.

Ice Storm,MA, Dec 2008,Trees

At long last I am back! Here in northern MA we had a huge ice storm Thursday night that knocked out power in my town from Thursday night all the way until Sunday Night so that is why I have not been posting new photos! The bad news was we had no power for all that time so had to stay warm via a wood stove in very cold conditions (it was 15°F on Saturday night) but the good news is my camera’s batteries where all charged up already! I ended up taking hundreds of photos of all the ice on the trees and everywhere. Over the next few days I will post some of my favorites. While it was fun taking the photos I am very glad to have power again!

Ice Storm

A Boulder in the Woods,Fall,Autumn

Fall,Autumn,Balding Trees

Balding Trees

Gnarly Pines,Fall,Autumn,Leaves,Pine Tree

While hiking at Borderland State Park a couple of weeks ago I came across these very cool and gnarly looking pine trees and knew I had to take a picture of them. Sadly the sun was sort of in the way being right behind the trees and I was hiking with other people so did not have much time to compose the shot. This photo is the best of the ones I took of the trees.

Gnarly Pines

Fall,Autumn,Picnic,Pentax K10d,Pentax DA 18-55

Here is a photo I took a couple of weeks ago of some people across the pond out enjoying the fine fall weather.

Lonely Fall Bench, Autumn, Fall, Lake

I took this photo on Saturday at a state park. It was a beautiful New England fall day and there were lots of people out enjoying the cool fall weather so I was surprised to see this bench with an amazing view empty.

Fall, Autumn, Lake, Reflections, Leaves, Trees

Here is a photo I took a week or so ago at the Andover State Forest in Andover MA. The colors looked even better in the reflections then on the actual trees I thought!

Golden Leaves, yellow leaves, Fall, Tree, Autumn

Here is another photo I took yesterday at Borderland State Park looking straight up a tree.

Golden Canopy

Goose, Fall, Autumn, Pond, Leaves

I had the chance to visit my brother today and we went to Borderland State Park in Easton MA. The foliage was near its peak and the colors were amazing! I only had my new Panasonic TZ5 with me and not my Pentax DSLR but I think it performed well. Here is a shot of a goose in one of the ponds there that was stretching his wings.

BTW I want to thank everyone for your kind comments for my last post as it reached the 20 comment mark and I think that is a record for me! So thanks for the comments everyone!

Church Steeple, Fall, Lake, Wakefield, MA

Here is a photo I took last weekend looking across Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield MA.

Salem Willows, Salem MA, Big Tree, Roots

Here is another of the large trees at Salem Willows park in Salem, MA. I thought the roots to this huge tree looked almost like feet. Who knows maybe its Treebeard from the “Lord of the Rings”! :)

Big Feet

Tree Climbing, Salem Willows, Salem, MA, B&W

I went to Salem Willows Park in Salem, MA yesterday and in the park they have a good number of very large, very old trees. Here is a shot looking up one of them.

Tree Climbing